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What is a peristaltic pump-the name and principle of the per

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What is a peristaltic pump-the name and principle of the peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump, The names in the peristaltic pump industry are: peristaltic pump, metering pump, constant flow pump, hose pump, hose peristaltic pump. In terms of delivery accuracy, it belongs to metering pumps and constant flow pumps. From the product structure, it belongs to the hose pump; from the product principle, it belongs to the peristaltic pump.

Peristaltic pumps in the industry generally refer to pumps with a small output pressure and an output flow of 0-30L/min. The hose pump in the industry refers to a pump with a higher discharge pressure generally between 0.6 and 1Mpa, and a flow rate of generally 1 cubic meter/hour to tens of cubic meters/hour.

The working principle of the peristaltic pump is to realize the delivery of liquid by squeezing the hose. Therefore, the liquid delivered by this pump only passes through the hose in the pump, and there is no dead corner. Therefore, it is easy to clean and does not produce residue. It is very suitable for clean delivery. the use of. Moreover, because the peristaltic pump outputs a fixed amount of fluid for each revolution, the peristaltic pump is also very accurate, and can achieve precise metering and delivery through speed regulation and timing. The peristaltic hose is like a human intestine pushing the fluid in the tube, so it will not squeeze or damage the fluid, unlike the high-speed impeller of a centrifugal pump, which will produce impeller rotary cutting of solids in the fluid. It is especially suitable for conveying materials similar to orange fruit. A more detailed introduction to the peristaltic pump can be viewed: A comprehensive understanding of what is a peristaltic pump and the working principle of the peristaltic pump.

Yoorain micro peristaltic pumps are now widely used in various industries, especially in the food and beverage industry, automatic beverage vending equipment, and smart kitchen equipment in recent years. It solves the clean and precise quantitative delivery requirements required by the application, improves the automation and intelligence of the catering industry, reduces labor costs, and makes the catering industry cleaner and sanitary. The wide application of the new type of peristaltic pump allows humans to learn from It was liberated from simple and repetitive labor and made a great contribution to a better life.