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Factors affecting the life of peristaltic pump hose

Writer: admin Time:2022-02-21 16:45:03 Browse:523℃

The peristaltic pump tube is the core component of the peristaltic pump, and its service life determines the cost of the peristaltic pump. Generally speaking, in addition to the quality of the peristaltic pump tube itself, the factors affecting its service life, its compression method, compression strength, compression times, and thermal fatigue aging caused by friction are all related to the service life of the peristaltic pump tube. .

In general, the main factors affecting the life of the peristaltic pump tube are as follows:

1. The outlet pressure of the hose and the outlet pressure related factors such as pipeline resistance;

2. The temperature of the conveying medium, high temperature medium will accelerate the aging of the hose;

3. The speed of the pump, which is one of the decisive factors affecting the peristaltic pump tube. Its speed is basically inversely proportional to the life of the peristaltic pump; especially the micro peristaltic pump can reach a higher flow rate at high speed, which indirectly loses the pump tube. Longer service life, increasing maintenance and replacement costs;

4. The strength of the compressed hose should be moderate, otherwise too small strength will cause the medium to flow back and the fluid control is not accurate, but if the pressure is too high, it will greatly shorten the service life of the peristaltic pump tube;

5. The way to compress the hose. Generally, there are three types of hose compression process: large diameter roller, small diameter roller and pulley. Generally, large-diameter rollers are stronger than small-diameter rollers, and small-diameter rollers are stronger than pulleys.

6. The compatibility of the pump tube material and the conveying medium. The selection of the peristaltic pump tube must match the medium. Different media match different pump tube materials to ensure that they do not react with each other, so as not to affect the purity of the medium. Pump tube materials generally include silicone tube, PVC tube, thermoplastic rubber tube, fluorine rubber hose, etc.;

7. Whether there is lubricant or not, apply lubricant on the outer wall of the pump tube, which can effectively reduce the friction of the peristaltic pump tube and prolong its service life.

8. The operating status of the pump tube is divided into two types: intermittent operation and continuous operation. Because intermittent operation gives the peristaltic pump tube sufficient rebound time, its service life must be longer than continuous operation.