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Application of Peristaltic Pump in Fermentation Tank

Writer: admin Time:2021-06-21 16:44:01 Browse:583℃

Fermentation tanks play an important role in biological fermentation. In each process of production, the addition of fermentation tanks and the supplement of peristaltic pumps are indispensable.

Fermentation tanks are widely used in industrial production. Various experimental fermentation tanks and large-scale production fermentation tanks have been widely used in industrial production.

Use trace elements or catalysts to control the properties of the fermentation broth. These supplementary substances are used to precisely control the fermentation process, so the accuracy of adding trace elements will greatly affect the progress of the fermentation process and the quality of the finished product.

The delivery accuracy and long-term reliable operation of the peristaltic pump determine the stability and reliability of the output liquid. It can automatically and continuously add liquid, so it is widely used in fermentation tanks in the fermentation process.

Pay attention to the following issues when choosing a peristaltic pump for a fermenter:

1 The nature of the liquid to be transported matches the peristaltic pump tube, pay attention to the compatibility of the pipeline;

2 Pay attention to the material of the pump head and pump casing of the peristaltic pump, and the corrosion and influence of organic solvents and acids and bases on the material of the pump head and pump casing in the industrial environment;

3 Brand selection, rationality and quality of peristaltic pump design;