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Micro peristaltic pump

OEM peristaltic pump K15

      K15 micro peristaltic pump max flow rate 350ml/min
      With higher accuracy lower noise and longer tube life
      Suitable with 14# 16# 25# 17# Silicone tube or BPT tube
      2 rollers get longer tube life4 rollers get lower pulse
      Running stable and used in online analyzerink injeter


The pump optimizes iterative process, resulting in higher accuracy and longer operation life;
Maximum compatible with 6.4mm 17# silicone tube, and maximum flow is 350ml/min
Applying with more advanced design concepts and processing technology to high-precision, low-noise, more-reliability and longer-life product;
For reliable and stable operation, the products experienced environment test and stimulation verification;
Suitable tubes 14#, 16#, 25#, 17#, max flow rate up to 350ml/min

Flow Rate Table





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