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Micro peristaltic pump

OEM peritaltic pump K335

      K335 beverage machine peristaltic pump flow rate 2000ml/min

      Lower pulselarge flow rate and easily to replace the pump tube

      The vertical structure reduces the distance between the inlet and the outlet

      Stepper motorDC motor and AC motor in optional
      Suitable tube 24#35# and 36#


Straight-line type peristaltic pump, to realize relative short route of pumped fluid;

Pressing-tube sturcture is dismountable, easy and convenient tube replacement;

Entrance and exit of pumping fluid are straight-line, in the vertical fluid route system, the route is shorter;

Suitable tube 24#, 35#, 36# of wall 2.4mm and transfer viscous fluid easily;

Mounted stepper motor, DC motor in optional.

Flow Rate Table