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Parts for peristaltic pump

peristaltic pump driver

      Can be installed on the back of 42/57 stepper motor
      Small size strong driver force low calorific value
      Provide 0-4A continuous adjusable peak current
      Maximum 128 subdivision idle current continuous adjustable


PMD 6P is a micro two phase stepper motor driver for peristaltic pump, which can be directly installed on the back of 42/57 stepper motor.
With small size, strong driving force and low calorific value, provide 0-4A continuous adjustable peak current, maximum 128 subdividion.

Technical Data

Development environmentPLC MCU
Support motor2-phase stepper mtor
VoltageDC 9V-48V
Microstepping0/128 adjustable
Max pulse frequency250K
DurabilityOver 20,000 hours

Interface Definition

J1ENA+-:Enable signal, optocoupler in put, not enable on condution
PUL+-:Pulse signal, optocoupler input
DIR+-:Direction ( or pulse ) signal, optocoupler input
Interface voltage: 5V
J2M10, M11:Stepper motor A phase
M20, M21:Stepper motor B phase
J3VCC:DC power supply