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How to choose a peristaltic pump

Writer: admin Time:2020-12-21 16:39:13 Browse:504℃

♦What flow rate do you need?

  Most performance curves are based on water-like substances and flooded suction. 

  When dealing with more viscous fluids or high suction lifts, this will need to be factored into sizing the pump for the correct flow inclusive of de-rating speeds for these aspects. Good manufacturers will have de-rating charts for increased viscosity.

♦What chemical do you pumping?What is the pump condition in your application,like fluid viscosity, back pressure?

   Not all peristaltic pumps were created equal. The better designs will enable pumps to be applied on applications with pressures to 15 bar. 

   This is achieved through hoses rated to these pressures and rollers, rotors and other components designed for these high pressures. 

   Manufacturers will detail what models are rated to these pressures and what the flow and speed limitations are.

  Peristaltic pumps are capable of high suction lifts, but any peristaltic pump selected for a duty requiring a suction lift  should have a pulsation dampener fitted. Also, if the viscosity exceeds 2000cPs, the suction line diameter should be increased. Another good “rule of thumb” is to keep the suction line as short as possible.